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Bloomeon CRM

Bloomeon brings you the insight about your business including sales pipeline, business reports and customer management. With latest technology, it also designed to increase productivity and team collaboration.


You are able to track your company sales and get your key performance indicators on the go.


You get to know everything about your sales cycle, leads and customers in real time.


All your data are consolidate into the system that you can make changes anytime.


Bloomeon - the self-hosted CRM platform provides everything you need to know about your business - from your customers and team collaboration, in one dashboard. When it comes to sales tracking, it has never been easier with Bloomeon sales pipeline. The self-hosted CRM provides a clear insight into the opportunities and easily manage throughout the sales cycle. For sales managers and CEOs, Bloomeon reports engine brings full insight into everything going on in your company. The reporting enables you to track businesses and what the team is doing.

Bloomeon Technology Partners: Segment, JotForm, SalesForce, Digital Ocean, Amazon AWS

Everything About Your Customer In A Single View

Intelligence Dashboard

Bloomeon BI Insight will bring key intelligence you need to work with your customers in realtime. No more endless clicking and running reports to get data as it is already there.

Customer Insight At Your Fingertips

Bloomeon Customer View is designed with salespeople productivity in mind. Get updated on everything related to your customer in an intuitive manner.

Efficient Team Collaboration

Working with your team on daily basis is crucial to closing more deals. Bloomeon team collaboration provides updates in real time and comes with a powerful tagging system that will increase your team's efficiency to it's maximum potential.

Complete Sales Cycle Overview

Slice And Dice Your Sales Opportunities

Easily manage and filter your sales opportunities with a powerful search tool in just a few clicks. Save your search for later use and save yourself some time.

Track Your Sales Analytics

Track the pulse of your Bloomeon sales pipeline with total won and closed opportunities, conversion rates, and much more. Have your sales key performance indicators where and when you need them right next to your sales pipeline!

Stay On Top Of Your Activities

Stop wasting time on figuring out what to do next and always remain one step ahead. View all scheduled activities related to opportunities right next to your Bloomeon sales pipeline.

Track Your Company Sales

Key Performance Indicators On The GO

Get your KPI and everything you need to know even if you are out of the office. Customize reports and setup when and how you want to receive them.

Business Reports For Active Sales Reps

Track your sales goals and assignments and gain insight into your performance. Let Bloomeon business reports motivate you to perform even better.

Share And Export Business Reports

Share reports with your team or present them on a meeting with your decision makers! Export all reports as PDF documents and start making smart decisions faster!

Custom List Views

Customer Segmentation

Managing thousands of contacts can be a real pain! With Bloomeon advanced search you can segment your customers in a matter of seconds.

Save Customer Segments

You want to focus on Leads from your website or just on Customers from the New York area, but you don’t want to recreate the same segment every day? With Bloomeon CRM you can save your customer segmentation lists and make them available and up to date in any time.

Instant Business Intelligence Insight

Get your BI Insight and all necessary information right there on your list view. Having the right information available at all time has never been easier.

Increase Productivity

Fight Boring Data Import

  • Import contacts and organizations into Bloomeon CRM directly from your website. Create custom forms and post them on your website, blog or Facebook.
  • Stop wasting time on adding or transferring data manually. You can import anything into Bloomeon CRM just by uploading a CSV file - Contacts, Organizations, Opportunities, Products, Activities - just name it!

Edit data on the fly

  • Making changes and updates is a matter of a seconds. Bloomeon CRM inline editing makes nightmares when updating disappear.

Customize Bloomeon CRM

Reshape Bloomeon CRM to support your unique business processes. You can:

  • Add or remove custom fields to capture everything you need to know about your customers.
  • Add or change sales cycle steps to make sales pipeline fit your sales process.
  • Turn entities On or Off and get rid of things you don't use.
  • Install and customize Bloomeon on SiteGround and Scala Hosting.

Automate your business process

  • Create a task whenever a newly created opportunity is moved to a certain stage or send an email whenever a newly created lead is imported from your website. With Bloomeon workflow management you can easily set trigger events and check following alerts and actions!

Get Involved With Bloomeon CRM

It doesn't matter if you're a sales rep focused on closing more deals, reaching business targets or just staying in contact with your customers or you're a business owner with the need for intelligent reports that will help you manage the team and make smart decisions, Bloomeon will make it easy for you to do your work.